10 March 2017

Good evening beauties,

I've been back from Paris since monday and had to start classes immediately. I'm going through my Paris Diaries next week and vary the post with some pictures of my Rotterdam Diaries. I hadn't finished that one apperently. Right now I'm working on an essay for Uni (poor me). To get some inspiration and stay motivated I like to make use of all the art the world can offer. One of them is music. Right now Lea Michele's album Louder is on repeat everyday. I love every single song of this album. Some songs also make me sad, because you feel her pain of missing her ''Finn''. This is a new song, so I'm guessing she's busy with a new album (¿!?).

Enjoy your weekend guys and be safe.

- WZ-


25 February 2017

Hey babes,

Just wanted to check in and say au revoir! I'm leaving in a bit to Paris (again!). I've seen that the weather is going to be rainy all week just like here in Holland. But maybe I will get some luck this time. I don't think that I can update on the blog next week, but no worries! You can follow my journeys on Instagram (click here).

Good night loves and talk to you soon!



23 February 2017

WOW, I haven't posted in a week because of all the assignments and exams. I'm really exhausted. Luckily I will be going to Paris again tomorrow (after my exam) so I have something to look forward to. It has been shitty weather the entire week, and I've seen that next week it will also rain and storm in Paris. I just hope that it last the entire week that I will be there. Anyways. let's talk fashion!


14 February 2017

Happy Valentine's day loves!

How did you spend your day? I started yesterday with buying gifts for... moi ahah. I got a lot of goodies which I will show you later. This weekend it snowed like crazy here in The Netherlands. Everything turned white. It was so beautiful. My 'Valentines look' is not like everybody else would go for. But I love black and I thought an edgy Valentines day look gives a little more umph than your typical red, pink girly looks. You all know that I love leather jackets. I live in them.


12 February 2017

Happy Sunday everyone,

Mostly I post an inspiration quote on my instagram page, but I thought that I could do the same on my blog like I used to do. When it comes to fashion I get my inspiration from life. It could be a colour of a fruit or a couture show. This collection from Georges Hobeika is beyond beautiful. There are so much details involved in every piece of this collection. Now most of us aren't able to attend such an amazing fashion show, so why not bring it to you guys. I think this collection is AMAZING. Let me know what you think of it.

Enjoy your day babes,

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