Who am I? A 24 years young girl from The Netherlands with proud North African and Arabic roots. When I was a young girl I had two dreams. One was becoming a lawyer and help people that aren't able to help themselves. The other was becoming a desinger. But years go by and than you're at a point to make 'rational decisions about life'. So due to my passion for helping people that are not able to defend themselves, I decided that it would be a smart idea to pursue a career in law. I thought my love for fashion just needed to wait. I graduated in law at the University in June 2016 and I'm currently studying a Master in Criminal Law. 

My love for fashion was not leaving me whatsover. So on the 16th of January 2013 I created CHIRIQUE. A pleace where I can share my passion for fashion, makeup and hairwith others and vise visa. To share cool places whenever I'm travelling. To talk about food, cars, movies but above all, to connect with likeminded creative people. On CHIRIQUE we can be whatever we want to be. 

CHIRIQUE is a place not only for me, but also for you. Inspire and get inspired.

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